VoxFest is a festival for the development of innovative new projects initiated by Dartmouth alumni. Alumni theater company Vox Theater does a weeklong residency at Dartmouth each summer to workshop new work with current students and faculty.

Wednesday, July 5 @ 7 PM


Vox Fest's annual evening of artistic exchange.

Friday, July 7 @ 5:00 PM

LIVE FEED @ Bentley Theater

Developed by Carol Brown '12, Max Hunter '13, Mia Jessup '12 and Jay Ben Markson '10.

In a near future where nearly everything we do is captured and analyzed by our devices, an algorithm has been developed to sort through the deluge of data and identify problem behavior. But the algorithm is managed by Content Moderators, who examine and tag everything the algorithm turns up. When the algorithm gets hung up on a non-problem video, the CMs break the rules to figure out what's going on.  This production includes strong language and theatrical violence.

Friday, July 7 @ 8 PM

BOOK CLUB @ Bentley Theater

Curated by Matthew Cohn '08, Olivia Gilliatt '08 and Deby Xiadani '15

An in-progress devised, collaborative theater event.

Saturday, July 8 @ 4:30 PM

TRASH @ Bentley Theater

Written by Kate Mulley '05. Directed by Benita de Wit.

Dan Copper is a charming, handsome English teacher at a New England prep school. Sarah Grove is not one of his students. None of the girls he dates are. Trash is about young love, boarding school life, and making the same mistakes over and over again.

Saturday, July 8 @ 7:30 PM

THE CURE @ Bentley Theater

Directed by Thom Pasculli  ’05 and co-created with the Walkabout ensemble

The Cure is an amalgam of material collected from stories about home, journeys to the underworld, and cities on fire.  Musical, muscular, irreverent, and full of wonder, The Cure responds to that moment when the ground beneath us shifts too quickly, and the world suddenly seems unrecognizable.  At that point what do we hold dear?  What do we choose to nurture?