Upcoming Auditions: Rat Race, by Naomi Lam '21

Honors Thesis Remote Project, Spring 2021:
Rat Race
by Naomi Lam '21

CLICK HERE to sign up for an audition
No previous performance experience is neccesary! No memorization is required.

Monday April 5, 7-9 pm
Tuesday April 6, 7-9 pm

Remote, via Zoom; links will be emailed to participants in advance of their scheduled audition time.


Rat Race follows three generations of a Taiwanese-American family in a journey from the 1960s to the present day as they navigate personal trauma, racism,  assimilation, and what it means to be American. An original work by Naomi Lam '21.

This is a staged reading performance of an original work written by Naomi Lam '21 as part of an honors thesis project. The production will be directed by Sagan Chen '14. Rehearsals will take place April 16-May 14 (dates are approximate); not all actors will be required to attend all rehearsals, and no memorization will be required. The performance will be pre-recorded; the final performance will be streamed on Friday May 28 at 8 pm (streaming platform TBD).

No previous performance experience is neccesary!

CLICK HERE to sign up for an audition slot; time slots are in 10-minute increments. If you are not able to make any of the available time slots due to scheduling or time zone constraints, please email Brianna Parry to discuss the possibility of submitting a video audition.

Students are encouraged to read the script before their audition; the script is available HERE for viewing (note that this is a perusal draft copy only; absolutely NO printing!). The audition will include reading selected scenes (called "sides") from the script; sides are available HERE.


Please note that some characters must speak Mandarin, but not all. It is not necessary to speak Manadarin in order to audition!

  • Xiu Lan/Sherry:  East Asian. Mother of Mei Chong/ Mei. Taiwanese Immigrant to America.
  • Bing Rei: 秉瑞 East Asian. The sensitive artist. Mei Chong's father. Taiwanese Immigrant to America.
  • Genesis Fletcher: Bi-racial: White & Asian. Clark and May's daughter.
  • Mei Qiong/May Zhang/ MayFletcher: 琼 East Asian. Taiwanese American daughter of Sherry and mother of Genesis.
  • Clark Fletcher: Caucasian. May's husband.
  • White Woman: Character that lives in Genesis' and May's head
  • White Man  Character that lives in Genesis' and May's head

Other Characters

  • Wen Zhu: East Asian. Xiu Lan's older brother
  • Officer: East Asian. Guomingdang officer
  • Margaret Fletcher: Caucasian. Clark's mother.
  • Sally: Caucasian. Genesis' literary agent.
  • Waiter: a waiter
  • Jody: another writer at the writer workshop
  • Nicole: a classmate of Genesis'
  • Professor: a creative writing professor
  • Sales Assistant: Caucasian. Sells makeup