Fall '23 MainStage Production AUDITIONS: LOST GIRL

Lost Girl by Kimberly Belflower

will perform October 27-November 4, 2023

The Department of Theater is excited to announce our Fall 2023 MainStage production of Lost Girl by Kimberly Belflower.

Performance dates are: October 27-28 & November 1-4 @ 7:30pm.  October 28 & November 4 @ 3:00pm.

AUDITIONS will be held: Tues / Weds, September 12-13.

For more information and to sign up for an audition click here.

What is the play about?

"An exploration of love, loss, identity and magic, Lost Girl continues the story of J.M. Barrie's [Peter Pan and his] beloved character - the girl who had to grow up. Long after she last saw Peter fly through her bedroom window, Wendy decides that she must find him in order to reclaim her kiss and move on with her life."

When are rehearsals and performances?

Rehearsal dates are: September 18 thru October 26

Performance dates are: October 27-28 & November 1-4 @ 7:30pm.  October 28 & November 4 @ 3:00pm.

A Message From the Director, Professor Peter Hackett:

Hello All:
I am Professor Peter Hackett and I will be directing Lost Girl by Kimberly Belflower for the Theater Department this fall.
As you contemplate joining us in September, I thought I'd share some tips on how best to prepare for your audition:

  1. Read the play! The script is posted here (Dartmouth Authentiation required). This will give you an understanding of what to look for in the characters and what exactly is the story you will be telling.
  2. Choose the role(s) you would most like to play. At the audition, you will fill out a form where you will be able to indicate your preference(s). You may also be willing to take any role if cast.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the "sides" or short scenes from the play that are designated for your character. These will be on the website soon. You will read these scenes with another actor or a stage manager at the audition.
  4. Arrive on time for your audition and plan to fill out a form prior to reading.
  5. Check your e-mail at the end of the evening. You may be called back on another day to read again.
  6. Find out about other opportunities backstage should you want to participate but are not cast.
  7. Ask questions! I'm happy to answer anything you'd like to know about Lost Girl!
  8. Have fun! That's what auditions are all about! And remember: Auditions are open to everyone! Many students who are trying out have never acted on stage before! No experience is required!

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. I'll see you in September!
LOST GIRL CREATIVE TEAM                  

MICHAEL GANIO, scenic designer
DINA EL-AZIZ, costume designer
DAN KOTLOWITZ, lighting designer
FABIAN OBISPO, sound designer
JACLYN PAGEAU '18, intimacy director
DAVID KATZ '24, assistant projections design
YIFEI LIU '26, assistant lighting design
KATHLEEN CUNNEEN, stage management advisor
BRIANNA PARRY, production manager