Studio Lab: Exploring Theatrical Boundaries

Formerly known as PlaySpace, Studio Lab is a performance opportunity for developing new work, or for the exploration of work that is unconventional or experimental in nature.

Spring 2023

Studio Lab Guidelines and Application Details

Spring 2023 Studio Lab Proposal Deadline
Friday March 31 at 4:00 pm

Spring 2023 YourSpace OR Studio Lab Performance Slots
April 14 or 15

Studio Lab Proposal Guidelines

Please read the Studio Lab program information below BEFORE submitting your application!

All applications must be received electronically on on or before the term's deadline; proposals should be emailed to Greg PotterBrianna Parry. Proposals should include the following information:

  • Proposal description and copy of script when applicable
  • Proposed production category (Studio Lab, in this case))
  • Summary of applicant's Dept of Theater coursework and production experience
  • Proposed budget
  • Design and technical requests
  • Proposed artistic collaborators. Note that any identified collaborators (stage manager, designers, etc.) must have advance approvals from pertinent faculty
  • Advertising image

Please note: Students submitting Studio Lab proposals are welcome to also audition for the MainStage, but they must inform the department that they are doing so. Should you be cast, the Director of Theater will contact you to discuss whether it will be necessary to withdraw your proposal because of time constraints.

This program is availble to majors, minors, and theater students with a demonstrated track record of experience in the department. Questions may be directed to Production Manager Brianna Parry.

    About the Program

    Studio Lab: in a Nutshell

    Formerly known as PlaySpace, Studio Lab is designed to provide Theater students with a production opportunity for the development of new work, and/or for the exploration of work that is unconventional or experimental in nature. Studio Lab projects focus on the work and the process rather than on production; projects do not need to culminate in a public performance.The Studio Lab program is available to theater majors, minors, and other students with a demonstrated track record of experience within the department.

    Project parameters are as follows:

    • Studio Lab projects rehearse over 2-3 weeks, totalling a maximum of 30 hours of rehearsal in all
    • Access to the Bentley Theater for one week, for rehearsing and tech in the space
    • Up to 4 hours of technical rehearsal, with a student technician providing limited lighting and sound support
    • Limited use of the scenic and costume stock available for use, as approved by the Technical Director or Costume Shop Manager
    • One performance only, which may be followed by Q&A with the audience, if desired
    • Total available budget of $100.00 to support the work

    The Studio Lab program is best suited for work that is new, unconventional, or experimental in nature; works that "take a leap" or explore theatrical boundaries. Site-specific work can be proposed as part of a Studio Lab presentation, and experimental design-based work will be considered (with faculty approval) on a case-by-case basis.

    Proposals are reviewed carefully by the Department of Theater faculty, who will make the final project selection.  Proposals are accepted at the start of each term; A Studio Lab production slot is typically available every term except summer.  The Production Manager will be available to each Studio Lab project, to act as liaison between the individual/group and the Theater Department, answer questions, and facilitate logistics. 

    For more information, please contact Production Manager Brianna Parry. Students may also access the Department of Theater's Student Production Manual for details and information.