VoxFest: Dartmouth Alumni Present Innovative New Works

A week-long theater residency held each summer, VoxFest brings Dartmouth alumni back to campus in order to develop and incubate innovative new theatrical projects alongside current students and faculty.

About the Festival


Founded by Matthew Cohn '08, Kate Mulley '05, and Thom Pasculli '05, VoxFest is a labratory and a performance platform for the development of the daring, the innovative, and the unique. Dartmouth alumni spend a week in residence on campus, workshopping current projects and works-in-progress alongside current students and faculty. With a focus on devised theater and the experimental performance experience, VoxFest offers current students the opportunity to immerse themselves in contemporary theatrical practices and trends.

Current students participate in VoxFest as part of THEA 65: Summer Theater Lab, a remarkable and unique academic class offered by the Department of Theater each summer that also includes performance and production work on the Frost/Dodd Playwriting Festival and the New York Theater Workshop.

The performances of the 6th Annual Festival:

VoxFest 2018

Click Here to view the 2018 VoxFest playbill, including complete cast lists and creative team bios!


Friday June 29 at 5:00 pm
Created by Mikaal Sulaiman, in collaboration with Hannah Chodos '06
The Bentley Theater; Free

Note: Llmited Seating; No Late Seating of Patrons.

Project Black Plague is somewhere between an Afro-Futurist's TED talk on how to cure racism and a séance trying to communicate to the murdered black folks who had their hands up begging not to be shot.


Friday June 29 at 8:00 pm
Book and Lyrics by Kate Mulley '05
Music by Andy Peterson
Directed by Benita de Wit
The Bentley Theater; Free

A new musical about Australian outlaw Ned Kelly that explores the lengths to which Kelly went to fight inequality and injustice and the lives of the family he left behind.


Saturday June 30 at 4:00 pm
By Carol Brown '12
Directed by Max Hunter '13
The Bentley Theater; Free

Loosely inspired by Genet’s The Maids, Carol Brown’s new work is a darkly comic exploration of power dynamics set in an unnamed Ohio steel town in 2014. The play follows three sisters, one of whom is particularly lucky.


Saturday June 30 at 7:30 pm
By Jessica Andrewartha
Directed by Daniela Varon '80
The Bentley Theater; Free

The 2018 Neukom Institute Literary Arts Playwriting Award winner. This new play about artificial intelligence asks the question "what choices can we entrust to our creations, and which decisions can be made by humans alone?"