Play Space

play Ÿ• space


: a low-tech production slot in the Bentley Theater for Theater majors and minors working on pieces that are unconventional and experimental in nature.

Each term (except summer) there is a production slot the is open to Theater majors and minors only: PLAY SPACE. Interested Theater students should submit a proposal at the start of the term for consideration by the Theater faculty for that term's low-tech production slot. Preference for the PLAY SPACE slot will be given to proposals for work that is unconventional and experimental in nature; works that "take a leap," or explore theatrical boundaries. 

A "low-tech" production slot is defined as follows:

  • No designers needed.
  • Stage lights may be used, but with no cues.
  • Sound cues through a boom box.
  • Some costumes pieces may be pulled from shop (actual number determined by costume shop).
  • Props and furniture may be pulled from theater storage with permission from the technical director

There is a budget of $100 associated with this production slot.

For more information, please blitz [email protected].

Deadline for Proposals

The Winter 2018 Play Space slot is the weekend of January 26-28.

Proposal Deadline is NOON on Monday, January 8.  You may blitz your proposal to [email protected] with the subject line: W18 Play Space Proposal

If you have any questions, please blitz Maggie Devine-Sullivan at [email protected].