YourSpace: Performance Space for Creative Minds

YourSpace provides Theater Department spaces and limited resources for any creative member of the student body. The program facilitates an atmosphere of creativity and ingenuity for those who would benefit from a space designed for an audience/performer dynamic, and promotes and nurtures the full voice and vision of artists and performers by providing energy, guidance, and support for works in progress and finished scripts.

Winter 2018

How To Apply

The Theater Department Announces the YourSpace slot in the Bentley Theater for the Winter 2018 term:  January 19, 20, 21 (Choose up to two of these dates on your application.)


Do you or your group want to perform in the Bentley Theater? The Theater Department's YOUR SPACE program consists of at least one production slot each term to allow you to rehearse and perform in the Bentley Theater.  Applications are submitted electronically and the Director of Theater chooses the winner of the slot. There are NO prerequisites.

Please send an email to Maggie Devine-Sullivan ([email protected]) with the following information before the noon deadline on Monday, January 8. The email subject line should be: W18 Your Space Proposal.

  • CONTACT PERSON (name, phone, and email)

If you have any questions on your proposal application, please blitz [email protected]

Sponsored by the Dartmouth Theater Department, YOUR SPACE provides students with a venue for performance. Each artist, performer or group will have access to a theater space for one week to prepare and present a performance. A faculty or staff advisor will act as liaison between the individual/group and the Theater Department to answer questions and facilitate logistics.

    About the Program


    • Each week on Friday and/or possibly Sat, Sun (times TBA, no more than 2 performances allowed) there will be a performance. Anyone can apply for a slot – there are no prerequisites. Proposals will be accepted the last week of classes of the previous term, through the term break, ending in the first week of classes. The winners of the slots will be chosen by the Director of Theater.  A group may submit proposals for as many slots as desired, although only one slot will be granted to the group. There will be an alternate picked for each slot as backup.

    • The Bentley Theater, the Moore Theater, the rehearsal room and 301 Wilson are all possible performance spaces. Availability of these spaces will be determined each term.

    • A faculty or staff liaison will be assigned for each performance week. This person will serve as the liaison between the individual/group and the department.

    • All proposals must be submitted through the on-line application process found on the Dartmouth Theater Department's webpage. Once the proposal has been chosen by the Director of Theater (DOT)  he will contact the group and send a form letter: "I have reviewed your application, it is tentatively approved pending a meeting with ________, your faculty/staff Liaison. I have forwarded your application to him/her. Please contact ________ to set up a meeting ASAP. Final approval will not take place until this meeting takes place".

    • Be aware that the DOT reserves the right to deny any proposal and that changes to your request may be suggested.

    • Once approved, the individual/group meets with their Liaison to discuss specifics needs, etc. Any changes are written on a printed copy of the application form and discussed with the department's production staff. Once the parameters are discussed, the application will serve as a contract and require two signatures - the individual/group and the DOT.

    • The individual/group will be given a checklist by their Liaison, which they must complete prior to the performances.

    • Note: All individuals/groups granted the use of YOUR SPACE will be exempt from submitting a proposal in the following term.

    • If no individual/group requests a particular week – the DOT and Liaison may use their discretion concerning how the space will be used for that particular week. They may begin soliciting ways of filling the slot from faculty/staff and students.

    • The DOT in collaboration with the Production Manager (PM) will serve as the final arbiter for any issues that arise in the use of the space.

    • Production credits will not be granted unless approved by the DOT and Liaison in advance.

    • Shows may not be videotaped.

    • This new model may not be available every term

    About the Program

    Parameters for Production

    • Once a proposal is accepted – the individual/group will have the right of first refusal to rehearse in the space from 6-11 each night, beginning the Monday before their performance unless otherwise specified in the on-line application. Daytime hours may also be set aside for each individual/group as determined by their needs and the needs of the department.

    • Each departmental design department should write up their own parameters for their respective technical elements.

    • If a proposal includes an interested and experienced design student, then any design department may decide to alter their parameters to suit the needs of that student.

    About the Program

    Work Study

    • There will be one work-study student assigned to YOUR SPACE. If and when necessary, this student will be responsible for the set, costume, light and sound elements in each production. Their availability will be determined by the limits of their weekly hours. Their normal duties will be to minimally refocus and color lights as needed, cue the lights and run the lights and sound. They will also need to program the sound cues in preparation for production (they are not responsible for finding or making the actual sound cues).

    • The work-study student is required to be present during all technical rehearsals. There will normally be no staff/faculty person included in technical rehearsals.

    • On performance and technical rehearsal evenings another work-study student may be added to serve as needed.

    About the Program


    There will be no official mentoring – but students are encouraged to ask faculty and staff for mentoring when and if they desire it in any or all of the production elements. Faculty and staff may vary the degree of mentoring in accordance with the academic and practical value of each request.


    About the Program


    Each performance week, an individual will be assigned as the faculty or staff Liaison. This person will serve as a link into the department for each individual/group, and be responsible for making sure the students understand the parameters for production, including all the details listed in this document and on the checklist provided. They are not expected to be mentors and should suggest the appropriate mentor when and if requested. The Liaison is also not responsible for 'quality control'; they are simply a contact or link to the department.

    About the Program

    Front of House

    • Admission will be free and no tickets will be printed.

    • There will be an events manager present at each performance.

    • A general poster for the series will be mounted on the YOUR SPACE easel in the Moore lobby, in front of the Bentley staircase – an area will be left blank to accommodate each individual's/group's poster.

    • Each individual/group will be responsible for making a poster that fits within the series poster.

    About the Program


    Each individual/group is responsible for their poster design. It must say: "The Department of Theater presents YOUR SPACE...." The department office will offer assistance and advice in the making and printing of the poster and will print out only enough to be put up around the HOP and in the YOUR SPACE display. (Individuals/groups may do their own advertising but should speak with their liaison ahead of time for appropriate wording.)

    About the Program


    • $50 for Production elements (sets, lights, costumes, sound).

    • If there is an educational value to having the budget cap raised, the Liaison and PM must approve it.

    • Any group may offer money from different sources to supplement their budget, but the Production Manager must approve any supplement.

    Click here to download printable version of the YOUR SPACE Student Guidelines.