Current Term Productions

Honors Thesis Production: The Houses with Ramps


May 25 at 8 PM
May 26 at 2 PM
The Bentley Theater

An Honors Thesis Workshop Production, written by Lela Gannon ‘18
FREE Admission 

What happens when industry takes precedence over the health and safety of America’s children? A new work crafted from personal interviews with West Dallas residents conducted by Lela Gannon, The Houses with Ramps dramatizes the lives of key community members and activists who waged a decades-long battle against environmental racism that reached all the way to the Supreme Court.

BRENNA GOURGEOT '18 scenic designer
WILL MARESCO '19 lighting designer
VIRGINIA COOK '18 projections designer
OWEN O'LEARY '18 stage manager

Spring 2018: Talk To Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen


Written by Tennessee Williams
Composed by Larry Delinger

Thursday, April 5 at 8:00 pm
The Bentley Theater

A Drama & Opera Student Performance directed by Camilla Tassi GR and Kelleen Moriarty '19
FREE Admission

Yhe story of an unnamed Man and Woman, bound together in an endless cycle of co-dependency and poverty even as their souls seek higher ground from the bottom of the inhumane city in which they are trapped. Williams’ one-act drama, directed by Kelleen Moriarty ’19, will be immediately followed by an original opera of the same play, composed by Larry Delinger and directed by Camilla Tassi GR.

Produced with the support of the Department of Music Masters Program in Digital Musics , the Department of Theater, the Hopkins Center for the Arts, and the Kingsdale Fund in Drama.

Senior Fellowship Production, Spring 2018: Citrus


May 4-5 at 8 PM
May 6 at 2 PM
The Bentley Theater

A Senior Fellowship Project by Celeste Jennings ‘18
FREE Admission

An original choreopoem that follows the emotional journeys of tribulation, struggle, and resilience among Black Women from 1840 to present day. The 178 years of history are contextualized by the costume design, and the piece is an homage to Black women of the past, present, and future.

BRENNA GOURGEOT '18 scenic designer
CELESTE JENNINGS '18 costume designer
ASHLEY DOTSON '18 lighting designer
JACLYN PAGEAU '18 sound designer
RAEGINA HILL '18 hair and makeup designer
MILLENAH NASCIMENTO '21 stage manager

Honors Thesis Presentation, Spring 2018: Matthew Treiber '18


May 9 at 5:00 pm
The Bentley Theater

An Honors Thesis Presentation by Matthew Treiber '18
FREE Admission 

Focused upon a detailed analysis of the musicals Spring Awakening, Dear Evan Hansen, and Heathers: The Musical, Treiber argues that the suicidal characters in each musical suffer from emotions of low self-worth and isolation rooted in mental health struggles. Treiber takes note of the psychosocial context surrounding the characters’ medical diagnoses and preexisting suicidal tendencies, and analyzes the aftermath of the suicides. The goal of this presentation is to trace trends in the causes of teen suicide as they appear on Broadway, stressing the power the platform holds in representing mental unhealth.

BROOKE BAZARIAN '20 performer
ALICE BENNETT '20 performer
ENI OYELEYE '20 performer
MATTHEW TREIBER '18 performer
HENRY DANAHER accompanist
IRMA MAYORGA honors thesis advisor

Honors Thesis Production, Spring 2018: Hair


May 11-12 at 8 PM
May 13 at 5 PM
The Moore Theater

An Honors Thesis Production, directed by Virginia Ogden ‘18
Tickets $5; on sale beginning May 4

An iconic American musical, Hair was born out of the most turbulent period in our recent history — the most turbulent, that is, up until today. Exactly fifty years later, this production points to where we are, where we’ve been, and where we might be going...

VIRGINIA OGDEN '18 director and choreographer
ZACHARY GOTTSCHALL '20 music director
AVA GIGLIO '19 associate choreographer
EVAN WETZEL '19 scenic designer
ARMANDO ORTIZ '19 costume designer
JONATHAN BRIFFAULT '21 lighting designer
CAMILLA TASSI GR projections designer
WILL MARESCO '19 sound designer
MAYA FROST-BELANSKY '20 stage manager


Honors Thesis Production, Spring 2018: She-Wolf of France


May 19 at 8 pm
May 20 at 2 pm
The Bentley Theater

An Honors Thesis Performance, conceived by Claire Feuille '18
FREE Admission 

A one-play adaptation of Shakespeare's version of the Wars of the Roses, as dramatized in Henry VI Parts I, II, III & Richard III. She-Wolf of France illuminates Shakespeare's version of events through the eyes of Henry VI's widow, Margaret of Anjou.

CLAIRE FEUILLE '18 adaptation
MICHAEL GANIO scenic designer
RON PIRETTI fight choreographer
CAMERON BUXTON '19 stage manager