International Black Theater Summit

Professor featured in American Theatre Magazine

Associate Professor of Theater Monica White Ndounou was recently featured in American Theatre Magazine, the industry's pre-eminent publication, in an interview with Dr. Nicole Hodges Persely of the University of Kansas that focused on the 2018 International Black Theatre Summit.

Convened by Dr. Ndounou at Dartmouth College in September 2018, the International Black Theatre Summit brought together Black theatre artists, producers, and other visionaries in commemoration of August Wilson's legendary 1996 speech "The Ground on Which I Stand" and a subsequent event which he held at Dartmouth in 1998. Following up on September's event, Dr. Ndounou spoke with Dr. Persely Nicole Hodges Persley in American Theatre Magazine about the summit, its inspiration, and ways forward for Black theatre throughout the African diaspora. Read the article HERE!

The 2018 International Black Theatre Summit

The Department of Theater is proud to support

The 2018 International Black Theatre Summit:
Breaking New Ground Where We Stand

In collaboration with the Craft Institute
September 26-29, 2018

Hosted by Dr. Monica White Ndounou, Associate Professor of Theater

‘Breaking New Ground Where We Stand’ is a reconvening and commemoration of August Wilson’s legendary Black Theatre Summit ‘On Golden Pond’, which took place at Dartmouth in 1998 during the famous playwright's residency as a Montgomery Fellow, visiting artist, and guest lecturer for the College. Twenty years down the road, the Summit will capitalize on new links between theatre, film, television, and related media platforms.