Trinity/La Mama

The Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts Program in New York City provides full immersion in the NYC theater, dance, and performance communities with the goal of fostering artistic, academic, and personal growth.

About the Trinity/LaMama Program

New York City is the “laboratory” for our studies and artistic explorations. Each week is dedicated to a specific theme that connects all of the ideas and artistic approaches included. The semester culminates with an original student-generated ensemble performance presented by La MaMa at one of their renowned theaters.

The Trinity/La MaMa Semester includes these exciting features: 

  • Diverse and challenging performance practice classes.
  • An arts internship at carefully selected venues, institutions, and individual companies throughout the city.
  • Attendance at multiple performances throughout the city each week.
  • Group and individual arts explorations of NYC as a field study site.
  • Master classes with an array of cutting-edge artists.
  • Guest speakers discussing contemporary performance trends.
  • A comprehensive integrating seminar  on contemporary performance.
  • An opportunity to develop an ensemble performance piece that is performed at La MaMa.