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  • A selection of stories published in The Dartmouth this month:

    Student Spotlight: Haley Reicher '17

    "In her short time at Dartmouth, Haley Reicher ’17 has already made a name for herself in the campus arts community. Reicher has performed in two of the theater department’s main stage productions and sings regularly in her a cappella group, the Sing Dynasty."

    "Reicher’s theatrical career at Dartmouth began with “Big Love,” the fall main stage production...

  • FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, April 25 & 26 at 8PM
    SUNDAY, April 27 at 2PM
    Bentley Theater (limited seating!)
    Lighting Design: Kellie MacPhee '14; Costume Design: Randi Young '15; Sound Design: Sara Holston '17; Stage Management: Naomi Lazar '17; Poster Design: Sayeh GorjiFard
    An exploration of the creation of an independent dance performance piece.  There will be a post-show discussion on Friday, April 25, moderated by Ford Evans.

  • SATURDAY, April 19 at 8 PM
    Bentley Theater
    3 playwrights.
    3 directors.
    No scripts.
    No sleep.
    Produced by Diane Chen '14 and Amber Porter '14
    Stage Managed by Ariel Klein '17 and Naomi Lazar '17

  • SATURDAY, April 12 at 8 PM
    Bentley Theater
    Members of Casual Thursday will perform original sketch comedy
    along with improv comedy and experimental auditory comedy.

  • FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, April 4 & 5 at 7 PM
    Bentley Theater
    Presentation by Jake Nevola '14
    Jake Nevola '14 demonstrates the methods of the card shark in a blend
    of magic and sleight of hand.

  • A selection of stories published in The Dartmouth this month:

    Drama students paved way at College

    "Before Dartmouth became coeducational in fall 1972, a handful of pioneering transfer students in the theater department helped to pave the path for women to follow. The women had participated in the Congregation of the Arts, a summer arts program on campus from 1963-1969 that brought together musicians, composers, actors and dancers from various colleges."...

  • A selection of stories published in The Dartmouth this month:

    Musical to explore sexual ‘Awakening’

    "When “Spring Awakening” was first written in 1891 by Frank Wedekind, the play was banned throughout Germany for its explicit content. After seeing the musical version that landed on Broadway over a century later, theater professor Jamie Horton was so impressed by its bold story that he pledged to eventually direct the show. His wish became a reality this year...

  • Haley Reicher ’17 may look familiar to Upper Valley audiences when she takes the Moore Theater stage in Spring Awakening, the new Dartmouth Department of Theater production that runs from February 21 through March 2.

    That’s because there’s a good chance they’ve seen her on stage before. She was a lead dancer as an 11-year-old in the annual Christmas Revels show at the Hopkins Center for the Arts, and also performed in Northern Stage productions and with the Barre Players before her...

  • A selection of stories published in The Dartmouth this month:

    Student Spotlight: Nick O’Leary ’14

    "For his honors senior thesis project, Nick O’Leary ’14 will direct the 17th century classic production “The Alchemist,” the culmination of his interests and experiences at the College."

    "Over the past three years, the theater major has taken on a variety of roles as an actor, set designer and director. No role, however, has been as challenging as his...

  • A transformative class at Dartmouth can be part of students’ long-held plans or one they’d never counted on taking.

    Emma Steele ’14, the Office of Public Affairs’ Whitney Campbell Intern, talks to other ’14s about the classes that have had a powerful impact on their personal growth and college careers. She also shares her own story.

    Emma Steele ’14
    English major modified with theater, neuroscience minor
    Hometown: Tulsa, Okla.
    Class: “Acting I”
    Taught by: ...