The Modified Major

The Modified Major in Theater is designed to nurture students wishing to blend an understanding and command of theatre with a related field in order to create a rich, cohesive, and unique field of study. 


Students may determine that a modified major in theater is more appropriate for their educational goals than a regular major. Past students have modified theater with Classics, Economics, or Studio Arts, to name just a few. Students wishing to pursue a Modified Major in Theater will need to seek approval from both the Theater Department and the secondary department. If you think that a modified major might be appropriate for you, please consult with your faculty advisor, who will work with you to ensure that your proposed modified major is rigorous, cohesive, and focused. A Modified Major rationale, which each student would have to write as part of their proposal process, should explain how each course beyond the Department of Theater complements your theater courses and how the individual courses fit together in a cohesive whole.

Students considering a modified major in theater should familarize themselves with the course requirements of the program. In addition to coursework, modified minors are required to fulfill a minimum of three production requirements, which should reflect a variety of theatrical activity. One production credit must be fulfilled by serving as a stage manager or assistant stage manager for a mainstage production. 

For more information on our modified major, please contact our Academic Assistant.