I am interested in applying to Dartmouth and I'm particularly interested in the theater. Should I schedule an audition or an interview with you?

  • The Theater Department faculty does not conduct auditions and interviews - all prospective students must apply to Dartmouth College (though you are welcome to send in an arts supplement as part of the application process). Dartmouth students don't normally declare a major until the end of their sophomore year. However, if you are coming to visit campus, the Theater Department faculty and staff are happy to meet with you to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact the office to set up an interview and tour.  Check our Prospective Students page for more details!

Should I send audition materials to you?

  • If you would like to submit materials for review with your application, please use the arts supplements portal, Slideroom, with your application. The Admissions Office will refer your materials to the appropriate Theater faculty member for review. If you are a performer, you may submit a video; playwrights may submit a play; designers may submit a portfolio, and so on. 

How do students audition for a role in Department productions?

  • At the beginning of each term, sign-up sheets are posted in Shakespeare Alley in the Hopkins Center. In the fall and winter, Mainstage auditions are held during the first week of classes. Auditions for student shows will also be posted in Shakespeare Alley over the course of the first two weeks of classes. Auditions are open to all Dartmouth undergraduates - many underclassmen and and non-majors play active roles in the theater community. Callback information is either e-mailed out or posted in Shakespeare Alley following the initial round of auditions. The Theater Department Website and Facebook page is also kept up to date with all audition information.
  • There is normally a Department Showcase on the second Monday evening of each term, as well, which you can attend to find out about all of our student productions for the term and different kinds of opportunities for involvement.

Are there other opportunities to get involved in Department productions? 

  • There are many opportunities to become involved in all aspects of a production: sets, costumes, lighting and sound design, stage management, and backstage or board ops. The Department Showcase is a great place to learn about the roles that we are seeking to fill each term. The technical staff recruits students to work in the Scene Shop at the beginning of each term, though you can get onto the Shop e-mail list at any time. 

Can anyone take an acting class or is it just for people who want to be actors?

  • All theater classes are open to all Dartmouth students. Theater 30 (Acting I) is a very popular course and we often have more students interested in taking the class than we can accommodate. Professors hold interviews with interested undergraduate students at the beginning of the term in which the course is offered. Professors are looking for a diverse range of students in this class, and very much encourage non-actors to sign up for interviews. 

How do I sign up for an acting class?

  • Interview sign up sheets will be posted online on the first day of classes, with interviews taking place on the second day of term. Interviews typically last 5-7 minutes and they are not auditions - there is no need to prepare anything. These interviews are an opportunity for the professor to get to know you, what you are interested in, and what you want out of the class so that they may put together a class of students with a range of experience, interests, and ages. 

Where is Shakespeare Alley?

  • Enter the Hopkins Center lobby.
    Go around to the left of the Moore Theater.
    Look for a glass door with white lettering announcing "Shakespeare Alley."
    Go through the glass door.
    Professors' offices, the Green Room, and the Theater Department offices are located in this hallway.

How do I find out what shows are happening each term?

  • Please check our website for the latest information, check out our facebook page, or visit the Department offices in Shakespeare Alley. There is also a Department Showcase at the beginning of every term where professors and students will discuss their upcoming projects for the term.


Can I direct a play without taking a directing class?

  • Yes, through our Your Space program. However, the directing class is required to do a fully produced student show.

How can I get involved with the Shop?

  • The Shop hires students at the beginning of the term. Theater 40 is also a great class to take as you will be introduced to all aspects of theater and get to work in the shop (this is a requirement for the major). You can also email Jason Merwin, the technical director.