Need-based Funding

Students with a documented financial need may request additional funding in support of their creative projects and initiatives, beyond the parameters of typical Kingsdale Fund support.


Students who are receiving financial aid (as documented by the College's Financial Aid office) may apply to receive additional funding for theatrical creative and/or research initiatives, above and beyond the parameters delineated for the department's Kingsdale Fund. Need-based funding support is most commonly requested to offset costs associated with the Department of Theater's Foreign Study Program in London, but eligible students may request support for other initatives as well.

For London Theater FSP-related need-based funding requests:

  • Need-based funding requests must be submitted in advance, along with financial aid disclosure form
  • Need-based funding limits are determined based on need (as defined by the Financial Aid office)
  • Need-based funding may be used to offset any and all expenses related to the London Theater FSP, including meals, transportation, airfare, etc.
  • Students receiving need-based funding for the FSP  will receive their funds in the form of a check in advance of their departure.
  • Students receiving need-based FSP support are still eligible to receive KIngsdale funding during the FSP, but must adhere to regular Kingsdale processes and policies to access those funds.

For all other need-based funding requests:

  • Funding proposals must be submitted in advance, along with financial aid disclosure form
  • There is no set limit for need-based funding requests outside of the FSP; determinations are made by the department on a case-by-case basis, based on available funding


Please use this Kingsdale Application Form to submit your proposal; make sure to check the box titled "requesting need-based funding". In addition, please fill out and sign the Financial-Aid disclosure form .

Your Financial Aid disclosure form should be emailed to the Department Administrator.

* The financial-aid disclosure form will be sent to the Office of Financial Aid. Your level of financial need will be kept strictly confidential.