Minor Requirements

Minor Requirements

The requirements for a Theater minor are six theater courses. Students intending to pursue a Theater minor must meet with the Chair to discuss their planned course of study and must submit the online minor declaration form on DegreeWorks. 


Minors must make their course selections as enumerated within the following categories:

1. One course from the Theater History sequence:

  • THEA 15: Theater and Society I: Classical and Medieval Performance
  • THEA 16: Theater and Society II: Early Modern Performance
  • THEA 17: Theater and Society III: 19th and 20th Century Performance

2. The following course in theater production:

  • THEA 40: Technical Production

3. Four additional courses:

Any four courses in Theater Performance or Theater Practice (see Major Requirements for a list).

This can include only one THEA 80: Independent Study and one of the below ENGL courses (with prior approval of the Chair).

4. Production Requirement:

Every Theater minor is expected to complete three production credits to demonstrate an active and sustained participation in theater production. Sustained participation shall consist of one class component (THEA 40) and completing two production credits for the Department of Theater productions or productions sponsored by the Department of Theater. Production credits should be completed under faculty supervision. Production credits must reflect a variety of theater activity and each credit must represent a meaningful practical experience.

Please note that some productions are not considered enough hours to constitute a production credit. This includes StudioLab and YourSpace productions, as well as staged readings. When in doubt, consult with the Production Manager.

  • One production credit must be fulfilled by THEA 40: Technical Production.

  • Two production credits may be fulfilled with any category of theater production. This includes, but not limited to:

    • THEA 65: Summer Theater Lab

    • Acting, directing, designing, or playwriting

    • Stage management or backstage crew

    • E-term production work at Northern Stage (internships or production work at other theaters will require approval from the Departmental Advisor and Production Manager beforehand and a written review from the Supervisor of that theater afterwards)