Off-Campus Exchange

Dartmouth students take advantage of many exchange programs with other colleges, universities and institutes.

Transfer credit

Students interested in taking courses at another institution should be aware that there is a rigorous review process to receive any kind of Dartmouth credit towards their Dartmouth degree and not assume that a course at another institution will be awarded Dartmouth credit. Courses need to be pre-approved well in advance of your term of study. Policies are set by the Registrar's office and can be found on their site.

Every course taken for transfer credit in Theater must be approved prior to enrollment by the Chair of the Department, upon review of a detailed course description and syllabus. Three courses taken at other institutions may be substituted in fulfillment of the major or minor requirements, provided that the courses are equivalent to Department courses and the program as a whole is consistent with the intent of the major or minor. Of the three transferred courses, no more than two may be in dramatic literature, history, and criticism, and no more than two courses may be in theater practice (see the "major requirements" page of our website here).

Additional Transfer Term Possibilities

If students are interested in pursuing additional transfer term possibilities through Dartmouth’s official exchange programs, please contact the Guarini Institute for details.