Student Projects & Productions

The Department of Theater is privileged to support the creative initiative and ingenuity of our students. Each term, the department gives over space, time, and resources to support the development and production of work that has been conceived, written, directed, designed, and/or performed by undergraduates.

Types of student projects and productions

The Department of Theater supports multiple production opportunities in our performance spaces many terms, ranging in scope from straightforward creative endeavors requiring no technical support to fully-realized and designed theatrical productions. Department-sponsored student production/performance opportunities fall into one of two categories:

Proposals for each of these types are typically due to the Department Administrator at the end of the first week of each term; click here for term-specific deadlinesFor more information, please see the associated pages linked above or contact Greg Potter or Production Manager Brianna Parry

More about the work

Spotlight on Student Productions

The video below, highlighting student productions and performances from a single term in spring 2017,  offers some insight into the type of student-driven work that the we are privileged to support.