The Kingsdale Fund

The Kingsdale Fund was established in 1994 by James R. Kingsdale ’65 to help advanced theater students underwrite the costs of creative and/or research projects.


Kingsdale Funding is available to all theater majors, modified majors, minors, and other advanced theater students demonstrating sustained participation in Department of Theater activities, as well as all students attending the Theater FSP. Funding recipients are typically in at least their sophomore year.


Kingsdale grants support expenses directly related to theatrical creative and/or research projects initiated by current students. Examples of appropriate projects for Kingsdale fund support include:

  • Production-related expenses, for student productions
  • Tickets and transportation to see professional productions (including those associated with the FSP or THEA 90)
  • Research supplies for approved student projects
  • Taking classes (on an off-term) to supplement area of study
  • Voice Lessons
  • Support of guest artists for student productions
  • Housing and/or other cost-of-living expenses for off-term theater internships

Kingsdale funds are NOT to be used for general professional development purposes (headshots, website design, audition fees, etc), or for the purchase of textbooks or other materials needed for classes. Students must be current undergraduates; expenses incurred after graduating are not eligible for reimbursement.


Please use our new online application to submit your proposal. Any questions can be submitted via email to the Department Administrator.

  • Proposals must be submitted and approved in advance of any expenses being incurred.
  • Proposals need to be approved by the Department Chair and the student's major advisor or other appropriate instructor.
  • Advance proposals are NOT required for the following:
    • FSP-related ticket and transportation expenses, up to a $250 per-student limit
    • Edinburgh Fringe-related ticket, transportation, and housing expenses (for students on the FSP), up to a $250 per-student limit
    • THEA 90-related ticket and transportation expenses, up to a $175/student limit


  • Kingsdale funds are distributed to students through a reimbursement process. Receipts must be submitted in an organized manner (e-receipts or pdf scans preferred), with the purpose of each expense clearly indicated (no envelopes filled with random indecipherable bits of paper, please!).  "
  • Barring special circumstances, receipts must be submitted by the end of the term in which the expense was incurred (exceptions to this policy will be considered only on a case-by-case basis).
  • Reimbursements must be processed within the same fiscal year in which the proposal was submitted and the expense incurred.
  • Students who find the reimbursement system a financial hardship should reach out to Department Administrator to discuss an alternative system of fund distribution.


  • Declared theater majors have an annual ceiling of $1,000 on the amount of Kingsdale funding they can receive.
  • Theater minors and other advanced theater students have an annual ceiling of $500.
  • Certain expenses are excluded from the annual ceiling:
    • FSP-related expenses, up to $250
    • Edinburgh Fringe-related, up to $250
    • THEA 90-related expenses, up to $175
    • Production-related expenses, for student productions
    • Need-Based funding requests (see below)


Students with a documented financial need may request additional funding from the department beyond the parameters of typical Kingsdale support. This support may or may not ultimately come from the Kingsdale Fund. Click here to learn how to apply.