VoxLab: Dartmouth Alumni Create Innovative New Works

A week-long theater residency held each summer, VoxLab brings Dartmouth alumni back to campus in order to develop and incubate innovative new theatrical projects alongside current students and faculty.

About the Festival


Founded under the original title of "VoxFest" in 2013 by Matthew Cohn '08, Kate Mulley '05, and Thom Pasculli '05, VoxLab is a laboratory and a performance platform for the development of the daring, the innovative, and the unique. Dartmouth alumni spend a week in residence on campus, workshopping current projects and works-in-progress alongside current students and faculty. With a focus on devised theater and the experimental performance experience, VoxLab offers current students the opportunity to immerse themselves in contemporary theatrical practices and trends.

Current students participate in Voxlab as part of THEA 65: Summer Theater Lab, a remarkable and unique academic class offered by the Department of Theater each summer that also includes performance and production work on the Frost/Dodd Playwriting Festival and the New York Theater Workshop.

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Current VoxLab producers are Nicolle Allen '16 and Matthew Cohn '08.

The 12th annual festival

About the VoxLab 2021 Production Team



nicolle allen headshot 2023

Nicolle Allen '16 (she/her) is a tailor and costume designer based in New York City. She works in TV, Film, and Theater. Most  
recently as a tailor at SNL, The Gilded Age, and The Amber Ruffin Show. 


Matthew Cohn headshot

Matthew Cohn '08

(he/him) is a New York-based, interdisciplinary artist. His work combines printmaking, photography, text, music, and sculpture in the pursuit of creating new theatrical forms. He is also an actor and narrator. He is the co-founder of Vox Theater.