Peer Advisors and Student Representatives

At the start of each academic year, a group of theater students are identified by their peers and/or members of the faculty to serve as support resources to their fellow students. These students fill a variety of functions: advising on academic questions, communicating issues or concerns to department faculty on behalf of students, connecting students with other on- and off-campus resources, offering individual support and camaraderie. 

2019-20 Academic Year

Department Representative

The Theater Dept's Representative serves as a spokesperson for the major/minor community. The representative is typically a senior theater major, elected each year by a majority of their peers. The Department Rep brings concerns, suggestions, and ideas from the students to the Chair and/or the Director of Theater, thereby enabling the student who initially brought up the concern to remain anonymous. The 2019-20 academic year department representative is:

Sophia Therese Kinne '20

Sophia is a '20 from Syracuse, New York. Her theater major has taken her all the way from London on the FSP to Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands, and even right next door, to Northern Stage for the E-Term in her junior fall. While on campus, Sophia has been involved in as many shows as possible, working wardrobe, funning follow-spot cues, acting, and more! Sophia has also been in the Coast Jazz Orchestra since freshman fall, so she spends a lot of time in the Hop. She enjoys studying the intersection of theater, society, and identity. Please feel free to reach out to her about anything at all!

The Department Rep is intended to give students a way to express concerns and/or communicate with the Department in any situation where they wish to remain anonymous, or if they simply do not want to speak for themselves. The position is not in any way intended to take the place of open communication between students and faculty. The office doors of the faculty are always open, beginning with Department Chair Dan Kotlowitz.

2019-20 Academic Year

Peer Advisors

The department's peer advisors are intended as an academic and social resource to fellow theater students, offering advice and sharing wisdom gained from their experiences at Dartmouth. Peer advisors are volunteers, typically theater majors in their junior year. They are available to respond to questions about the theater curriculum, major/minor requirements, navigating production credits, and more. This 2019-20 academic year peer advisors are:



Lexi Warden ’21

Lexi is a theatre major (mod. AAAS) from Seattle, WA. Previous roles in the Dartmouth Theater Department include This Lady in Citrus (18S) and The Narrator in Into the Woods (19W) as well as working on the stage management team for Eclipsed (18F). She continued her involvement with Citrus at its reading at Northern Stage in 2019 as A Lady. Lexi is also a member of the Dartmouth Dance Ensemble.



Kate S. Budney '21

Kate Budney is a '21 theatre major and education minor from Hanover, NH. At Dartmouth, Kate has acted in Medea, 1984, Hair, Gallery, Cupid and Psyche, Into the Woods, and Dance Nation. She also works in the shop as Props Manager and has worked as props master on Tragedy: a tragedy and Dr. Superman. This fall, Kate spent half of her off-term in NYC interning at Target Margin Theater in Brooklyn and the other half performing in The Sound of Music at Northern Stage. She is spending her winter as an E-Termer at Northern Stage. Besides theater, Kate loves baking and her many pets. Feel free to ask me about anything at all!



Millenah L. Nascimento '21 

Millenah is a ’21 from Newark, New Jersey. A theatre major, Millenah has worked on the stage management and wardrobe teams of numerous mainstage and student productions. Some of her favorite credits include; Citrus (18S)Eclipsed (18F), and Bla(n)ck Piranha (19F). This past summer she went on the London Theatre FSP, and is excited to complete her E-Term at Northern Stage this Winter! Please feel free to reach out to her about anything!

2019-20 Academic Year

SAPA Advisors

A SAPA is a Sexual Abuse Peer Alliance Advisor: trained, confidential peer resources available to help students who have faced issues of sexual assault and/or intimate partner violence. These students have completed a 32-hour training course in order to be able to serve as a resource for survivors of abuse (recently or in the past) and secondary survivors (friends, family, partners, etc). SAPAs are available to their fellow students for peer-to-peer support, information, and referrals. To see the list of active students SAPAs click HERE