Student Funding Opportunities

The Department of Theater is committed to supporting Dartmouth students seeking to broaden their experience and knowledge of the theatrical world. In pursuit of this goal, a limited number of funding opportunities are available to help offset costs associated with serious study and disciplined exploration of the theater.

For Majors, Minors, and other Advanced Theater Students

The Kingsdale Fund

The Kingsdale Fund was established in 1994 by James R. Kingsdale ’65 to help advanced theater students underwrite the costs of creative and/or research projects. Kingsdale grants support expenses directly related to these projects, such as travel, production costs, or the acquisition of research materials.

For all Theater Students with Financial Aid

Need-based Funding

Students with a demonstrable financial need may request additional funding from the department beyond the parameters of typical Kingsdale Fund support. Need-based funding is most often granted to support FSP-related expenses, but students may submit requests in support of other initiatives.

For all Theater Students with Financial Aid

The Goldner Mini-Fellowship

A pilot program, the Goldner Mini-Fellowship is designed for students with demonstrable financial need who are unable to participate fully in department productions due to the time constraints associated with work study or other job obligations.

For all Theater Students

Funding opportunities at the College

In addition to funding opportunities in the Department of Theater, students can apply for additional funding from the College to support independent projects and arts internships. We recommend that you share your proposal with a faculty member for feedback since that can help to ensure your chances of success.

For all Theater Students

Funding for Graduate Studies

If you are planning on continuing your studies in Theater after graduation, here are a few resources for Funding for Graduate Studies.