Student Funding Opportunities

The Department of Theater is committed to supporting Dartmouth students seeking to broaden their experience and knowledge of the theatrical world. In pursuit of this goal, a limited number of funding opportunities are available to help offset costs associated with serious study and disciplined exploration of the theater. 

For Majors, Minors, and other Advanced Theater Students

The Kingsdale Fund

The Kingsdale Fund was established in 1994 by James R. Kingsdale ’65 to help advanced theater students underwrite the costs of creative and/or research projects. Kingsdale grants support expenses directly related to these projects, such as travel, production costs, or the acquisition of research materials. Theater majors, minors, and other advanced students in the Theater Department who are working under the guidance of a faculty mentor or advisor are eligible to apply for Kingsdale funds.

Kingsdale grant proposals must be submitted well in advance in order to ensure sufficient time for approval. Proposals are approved by the Director of Theater as well as the faculty mentor/advisor for the project. All activity proposed for Kingsdale grants must be undertaken prior to graduation. Students planning to submit a proposal are advised to consult our Kingsdale Fund Proposal Application Form.

Examples of past successful Kingsdale Fund grant proposals include:

  • Supplemental funding for production expenses related to student-produced theatrical productions
  • Travel, housing, and/or compensation expenses associated with bringing guest artists to campus to collaborate in some fashion on student-produced productions
  • Tickets and/or transportation to see professional theatrical productions
  • Research supplies for approved student projects
  • Voice or movement classes taken outside of a student's academic courseload, which are undertaken to supplement an area of study

Please note that Kingsdale Funds are NOT typically granted to support the purchase of headshots, nor for materials such as textbooks that are required for academic classes. Any student who is a declared major or minor, or who has otherwise demonstrated a significant, advanced level of involvement with the Theater Department, is eligible to apply. For more information about the Kingsdale Fund please contact the Theater Department Administrator.

Foreign Study in London and Senior Seminar in New York City

Kingsdale Fund proposals must be completed in full and submitted well in advance. Exceptions to this policy are allowed only for ticket purchases and/or transportation to see additional professional theatrical productions while attending either the Theater Foreign Study Program in London or the THEA 90 Senior Seminar field trip in New York City.* For those expenses, a complete written proposal is not required; students may simply submit a list of itemized expenses, along with all supporting documentation, immediately upon their return to campus in order to be considered.

* For FSP participants wishing to see additional theatrical productions while abroad, the Department caps individual grant requests at $250/student; in the case of the THEA 90 Senior Seminar field trip, that cap is $175/student.

For all Theater Students

Need-Based Funding

The Department of Theater is committed to providing educational opportunities for students of all economic backgrounds. To that end, the Department has allocated funds for students with documented financial need, to help with expenses related to the pursuit of their major or minor (or other sustained interest) in theater. Examples of expenses that might be supported include theater internships, extra costs associated with class field trips, and attending symposia or conferences.

In addition to formally declared theater majors and minors, first- and second-year students who have established an active involvement in the department through classwork and/or productions are eligible to apply for these funds.

Please note that students who are declared majors or minors or who have otherwise established themselves as advanced theater students through a sustained level of involvement with the Department, should first apply for Kingsdale funding to support any creative or research project. Those with documented financial need may ultimately be eligible for additional funds through the Department's need-based funding initiative, but they must submit a Kingsdale Fund proposal as a first step.

Students wishing to submit a need-based funding request should use the Theater Department Need-Based Funding Application form.

For additional information, please contact the Chair of the Department of Theater.

Funding opportunities at the College

In addition to funding opportunities in the Department of Theater, students can apply for additional funding from the College to support independent projects and arts internships. We recommend that you share your proposal with a faculty member for feedback since that can help to ensure your chances of success.  (If you know of opportunities that are not listed here, please contact the Academic Assistant so that we can add it to this list!)

Center for Professional Development: Student Experiential Learning Fund (up to $5000 for experiential learning/internships)

Undergraduate Research Leave Term Grants (up to $5000 for independent projects)

The Leslie Center for the Humanities

  1. Student Research Fellowships offer up to $1,000 for faculty-supervised research or creative projects in the humanities.
  2. Student Professional Development Fellowships offer up to $500 for participation in unpaid internships or attendance at scholarly meetings.

Hopkins Center for the Arts

  • The Robert Dance ’77 Initiative Fund

The Robert Dance ’77 Fund enables talented Dartmouth undergraduates to undertake special projects in the arts. Preference is given to performing or visual arts projects that are “site specific works,” created for venues other than traditional galleries, theaters or auditoriums. Outdoor venues, residential spaces, and dining halls are among the sites which might be appropriate. The fund makes a total of up to $4,400 available to sponsor major student projects in the performing and visual arts. Undergraduate students and organizations are eligible to apply.

  • The Lazarus Family Musical Theater Fund

The Lazarus Family Musical Theater Fund supports student-initiated projects in musical theater, with a priority given to original work. Although projects need not be curricular to be considered, senior projects which bring together work in drama and music are particularly appropriate. In the absence of proposals featuring original music, lyrics and/or text by students, productions which are to be directed, choreographed and designed by students can also be considered. The fund provides a total of up to $1,900 to support student-initiated projects.

  • The Class of 1961 Arts Initiative Fund

Undergraduates are invited to apply for support of student enterprises in the arts. This award is funded by members of the Class of 1961 in order to enable talented Dartmouth undergraduates to undertake special projects in the arts. Particular interest will be given to those projects that “stand alone”—that is, projects that are not undertaken as senior fellowships or honors projects, or are affiliated with student organizations. The fund makes up to $1,500 available to sponsor student-initiated projects in the performing and visual arts. Application is open to single or group projects.