Courses Requiring Instructor Permission

Some courses in the Department of Theater require Instructor Permission or Instructor Interview to gain entry to the course. 

Instructor Permission Courses

Spring 2022

Due to the need for prerequisite completion, the following courses will require Instructor Permission (IP) to enroll. Admission for these courses may be obtained by emailing the professor to discuss the course and requesting permission to enroll.

Courses Requiring Instructor Interviews

Because of high demand and other reasons, admission to certain theater performance courses is determined through a process of very informal instructor interviews. It is not possible to pre-register for these courses. Registration is possible only after a student has secured instructor permission to enroll; Instructor Permission is given after the interview process is complete. 

Courses Requiring an Instructor Interview - Fall 2022


If you are interested in taking a theater course that conducts instructor interviews, we recommend that you also register for a different, additional course that you would like to take in case you are not able to secure permission for the theater course you want. If you secure a spot in the course for which you have interviewed, you can then drop the additional course.