Theater in the News: February 2014

A selection of stories published in The Dartmouth this month:

Musical to explore sexual 'Awakening'

"When "Spring Awakening" was first written in 1891 by Frank Wedekind, the play was banned throughout Germany for its explicit content. After seeing the musical version that landed on Broadway over a century later, theater professor Jamie Horton was so impressed by its bold story that he pledged to eventually direct the show. His wish became a reality this year, as Horton and his student cast prepare to perform the musical this Friday."

"The biggest challenge facing the cast and crew ahead of the show's Feb. 21 premiere, Horton said, has been addressing the sensitive topics that the musical explores, like adolescence, sexuality and teenage rebellion." (Read More)

Student Spotlight: Genevieve Mifflin '14

"When Genevieve Mifflin '14 quit gymnastics at age 8, her parents worried that she would drop extracurricular activities altogether. Yet Mifflin concentrated her energies in dance, which she had started at age 2 and now committed to with a greater passion.

"My mother was a dancer, so my sisters and I have all done dance," Mifflin said. "But I'm the one who stuck with it." (Read More)

Talene Monahon '13 makes off-Broadway debut

"Fresh out of Hanover, Talene Monahon '13 was recently cast in the "The Chocolate Show!", an off-Broadway musical that will open on Friday.  At Dartmouth, Monahon played a starring role in the College's production of "Angels in America" in fall 2012 and produced and acted in an original solo show titled "All in Good Fun" last spring. She also acted at the New London Barn Playhouse and the Northern Stage in White River Junction." (Read More)

Performers race through 30 plays in 60 minutes in Play Space show

"Hi!" a company member cheerfully greets me. "What's your name?" She has a stack of name tags placed in front of her, a Sharpie poised in her hand.

"Apoorva. A-P-O-O-R-V-A," I carefully dictate, an automatic response to years of botched spellings.

She nods, scribbles on the name tag and hands it to me with a smile. The card reads, "Hello, my name is Jay Gatsby."  (Read More)