Theater in the News: April 2014

A selection of stories published in The Dartmouth this month:

Student Spotlight: Haley Reicher '17

"In her short time at Dartmouth, Haley Reicher '17 has already made a name for herself in the campus arts community. Reicher has performed in two of the theater department's main stage productions and sings regularly in her a cappella group, the Sing Dynasty."

"Reicher's theatrical career at Dartmouth began with "Big Love," the fall main stage production, in which she played one of the brides. The role was small, but a learning experience, said Reicher, who went on to secure the lead role of Wendla in the winter musical, "Spring Awakening"."  (Read More)

Performance artists confront anxiety

"At Dartmouth, where short, busy terms create a fast-paced environment and the theater community on campus is small and intimate, performance artists often suffer from nerves just as much as audience members. Actors, musicians and singers grapple with anxiety that ranges from "butterflies" before auditions and performances to trembling and nausea. The mental rigors of a production do not end after the final curtain. The dramatic highs and abrupt end to shows can leave performance artists with a feeling of emptiness or post-show blues." (Read More)

Nevola '14 performs sleight-of-hand tricks

"Jake Nevola '14 began a trick by showing audience volunteers three cards, two red and one black, which he shuffled as he explained the three-card monte con game's history. To ensure the volunteers understood the game, he showed them the cards again, only this time, all of them were black. When he flipped the cards over a third time, two were black and one was red. As the game progressed, it became obvious that nothing is as fair as one thinks." (Read More)

Student Spotlight: Xavier Curry '14

"The first time you talk to Xavier Curry '14 you won't want the conversation to end. But the first time you hear him sing, you'll wonder why you chatted so long instead of requesting a serenade."

"Curry has had a strong presence in Dartmouth's music community for the last four years, singing in the Aires a cappella group, Gospel Choir and Dartmouth Idol. Curry recorded his first album during his junior winter and is currently working on a second." (Read More)