Theater in the News: May 2014

A selection of stories published in The Dartmouth this month:

Play uses physicality to explore relationships

"Love blinds. Love wounds. Love keeps us going. The Dartmouth theater department's production of Rajiv Joseph's "Gruesome Playground Injuries," directed by Nick O'Leary '14, made these truths slowly, painfully evident this weekend in Moore Theater."

"The play centers on two characters: Kayleen, played by Diane Chen '14, who was also responsible for the show's costume design, and Doug, played by Robert Leverett '16. Over the course of a nonlinear 30-year span, the two never quite manage to come together." (Read More)

McClure creates mixed media theater

"Though Marina McClure '04 came to Dartmouth planning to pursue a math major, she quickly became interested in theater, specifically directing. An original collaborator for WiRED and member of the Displaced Theater Company, McClure is currently directing experimental theater and creating mixed performance and visual arts pieces in New York." (Read More)

Play's dark humor draws laughs, gasps

"An actor dressed in a fat suit sprinted through a paper wall. With little resistance, the paper tore, sparking laughter in the crowd."

"Watching the scene, director Deby Guzman-Buchness '15, exhaled and let out a "finally." After a term that included casting, rehearsing and eventually performing three shows, "The Pillowman" had officially closed, and the cast was tearing down the set."  (Read More)