Theater in the News: October 2014

A story published in The Dartmouth this month:

Workshop encourages social justice

"So begins a stanza from Martin Espada's poem "Imagine the Angels of Bread," which imagines a  future where persons who have been historically discriminated against and disadvantaged are rewarded. On Saturday afternoon, 30 students, parents and teachers participated in a Bentley Theater workshop that used Espada's poem to launch conversations about campus climate."

"Led by Patricia Herrera '96, Jose Joaquin Garcia and Jesse Myerson, the workshop, "This is the Year: Theater for Social Justice in the Hands of Students," lasted an hour and a half and included a concluding performance motivated by participants' discussions. Based in New York City, Herrera, Garcia and Myerson have created workshops and plays together for six years that use theater to discuss issues such as race and racism." (Read More)