Honors Thesis Project in the Bentley, April 22-24

The Milliner's Daughters by Nicolle Allen '16

An Honors Thesis Project

Direction by Sarah Laeuchli '11

Set Design by Julie Solomon '17

Costume Design by Nicolle Allen '16

Lighting Design by Owen O'Leary '19

Choreography by Veronica Burt '16

Stage Management by Spencer Jorgensen '17

FRIDAY, April 22 at 8pm

SATURDAY, April 23 at 8pm

SUNDAY, April 24 at 2pm

Bentley Theater


This performance will explore the particular way in which women construct and manipulate multiple identities or personae in order to suit their ever-changing social and political circumstances. Told from the perspective of three women, Emily Dickinson (1880s), Simone DeBeavoir (1920s) and Elizabeth Hawes (1940s and 50s).