"Crickets Ate the Moon" by Charli Fool Bear-Vetter '15

The Department's YOUR SPACE program presents a reading of Charli Fool Bear-Vetter's award-winning play:


Crickets Ate the Moon tells the story of Celena Bear Spirit, a 21 year old Native American woman, fighting against suppressed trauma and depression. Defiantly optimistic, Lena strives to keep herself and her family afloat despite the consuming nature of her illness. Crickets Ate the Moon speaks to erasing stigma against mental illness and the powerful resilience of Native women.

Directed by Laura Calderon '19

Produced by Danica Rodriguez '18 and Christian Dane Williams '19

Cast includes:
Kaitlyn Alvord ’20, Zachary Cooper ’17, Phoebe Hannan ’20, Savannah Maher ’17, Sanat Mohapatra ’20, Armando Ortiz ’19, Cienna Romero ’17

Friday and Saturday, April 21 & 22

7 PM in the Bentley Theater

Free Admission

Mature Themes