THEA 65 (New Plays in Development) Interview Information

THEA 65- New Plays in Development- Summer 2017

Interview Sign-Up Information

Please note that the sign-up sheet for interviews will be posted on the Academic Bulletin Board, Shakespeare Alley of the HOP, on TUESDAY, MAY 23rd at 9AM. Interviews will take place on WEDNESDAY, MAY 24th from 10AM-1:30PM (in ten-minute time slots) in Professor Horton's office in Shakespeare Alley (Room 104). Please arrive ten minutes prior to your appointment time to fill out a questionnaire that you will give to Professor Horton at the start of your interview.

Should you be unavailable to meet in-person on the 24th, Skype sessions or phone calls can be scheduled. Please specify the information when you sign up.


THEA 65- Course Information

New Plays in Development

(excerpted from syllabus)

Summer 2017- Professor Jamie Horton

Class Hours:  Tues./Thurs. 2:25-4:15pm;  (X hour) Wed. 4:35-5:25 **

**IMPORTANT: This is the official hours designation only. Due to the specific nature of this course, actual hours will vary considerably.  See below. 


Course Description

This experiential and time-intensive course will focus on new works for the theater. Students will participate in field trips to professional theater destinations, with a particular focus on new plays. They will gain a range of practical experience by working closely with VoxFest, a Dartmouth alumni-based new play festival, early in the term, then with theater department faculty and staff on presentations of the winning plays of the Frost/Dodd Playwriting Festival.  The term will culminate in an intensive 3-week internship with the renowned New York Theatre Workshop, where students will work in different capacities with NYTW artists and staff in the development of multiple new works.

NOTE: While a variety of positions is possible during the NYTW residency, students will most often be “active observers” in the process.  There will be multiple opportunities to engage the NYTW artists, including shared meals and seminars.

NOTE: The time commitment for this experiential course, though substantial, is roughly equivalent to other Dartmouth courses when viewed as a whole.  Most hours in THEA 65 will be spent in active process.  There is a small reading and writing component, but otherwise no official homework. 


In order to take part in THEA 65 this summer, it is important (to be discussed in the interview) that you be available in some weeks of the course from 2-6pm on weekdays (Monday-Friday). There is also significant weekend involvement (mostly Saturdays) for five to six weeks of the term.  If you have conflicts, you should discuss with the instructor during the interview.

Required Texts:

Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process by Liz Lerman and John Borstel 

(2017: Available at Wheelock Books)

• Other minimal reading as required by instructor

Course Requirements

• During the course of the term, you will be required to: 

                        1) go on announced weekend field trips (2015: One all-day trip to Williamstown)

                        2) fulfill all production and/or acting responsibilities on VoxFest as determined by the instructor.

                        3) fulfill all production and/or acting responsibilities on the Frost/Dodd plays as determined by the instructor  (NOTE: This may include shop hours).

                        4) fulfill all responsibilities for the New York Theatre Workshop as determined by the instructor and NYTW.

                        5) maintain an "Experience Log" detailing specific activities and hours spent on projects over the course of the summer. I may collect these logs at various times during the term, so they need to be kept up to date.

                        6) complete other exercises as determined by the instructor.

• You will be required to see all Dartmouth Department of Theater productions as well as all Shakespeare Alley Showcases (SAS) presented during the term

New York Theatre Workshop Internship Schedule (2017: July 31-August 19)

Subject to change, here is an approximate schedule for the last three weeks of the term with NYTW:

Monday                      5-6:30pm meeting                                           (may be shorter)    

Tuesday                      12pm Brown Bag lunch, meet the artists        (strongly encouraged)

                                    2-5 pm rehearsal

Wednesday                 2-5 pm rehearsal                                                                                

                                    7-8:30 pm seminar

Thursday - OFF

Friday                         2-5 pm rehearsal

Saturday                      Morning/Afternoon setup  TBA

                                    5 pm – Performance    

                                    8 pm – Performance

                                   10 pm – Critical response

Sunday - OFF