Student Production, Fall 2018: Tragedy: a tragedy

Tragedy: a tragedy

By Will Eno

November 9-10 @ 8 pm
November 11 @ 2 pm
The Bentley Theater

A Student Production, directed by Owen O'Leary '19
Tickets available at the HOP Box Office 

The sun has set over the neighborhoods, government buildings and American backyards everywhere. And for some reason, this time it seems to have gone down for good. The Governor appeals for calm, and a news team is on the way. Their report: someone left the lawn sprinklers on; someone's horse is on the loose; a seashell is lying in the grass; dogs are running by. With little information and nothing new to share, newscasters attempting to reckon with the situation search for some guidance or meaning as the possibly endless night wears on and on.  

OWEN O'LEARY '19 director
KELLEEN MORIARTY '19 scenic design
HANNAH HAILE '20 costume design
JONATHAN BRIFFAULT '21 lighting design
WILL MARESCO '19 sound design
MILLENAH NASCIMENTO '21 stage manager