UPCOMING EVENT: Lunch with the Playwrights of JAGFest 3.0


A Lunchtime Conversation with the Professional Playwrights of JAGFest 3.0
Tuesday, February 5
12:30-1:30 pm, Garage 130
with complimentary buffet lunch from Boloco

Located in White River Junction VT, JAG Productions is s professional theater dedicated to exciting intellectual engagement and nurturing compassion and empathy via the lens of the African-American experience. JAG's third annual festival of new works, JAGFest 3.0, is coming up February 8-10. The four participating playwrights - Kirya Traber, Tracey Conyer Lee, Maine "The Maine Attraction" Anders, and Gethsemane Amy Herron-Coward (bios available HERE) will be having lunch with the Department of Theater on February 5, sharing their perspectives as artists and women of color working in the theater industry and discussing the practical daily challenges of building a career and a life as a creative artist in today's world. Join the conversation!

RSVPS ARE DEEPLY APPRECIATED! Email Milena Zuccotti if you'll be stopping by. Fair warning: not RSVP-ing means there's a chance we'll run out of food....