Upcoming Auditions: The Frost & Dodd Student Play Festival

The Frost & Dodd Student Play Festival, Summer 2019:

Dr. Superman by Kayshav Prakash '22
Lost Angeles by Kavya Menon '20
The Recording by Monik Walters '19

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Friday June 21 7:00-9:30 pm
Saturday June 22 7:00-9:00 pm
Sunday June 23 4:00-7:00 pm (callbacks)

The Bentley Theater


Dr. Superman, by Kayshav Prakash '22
The 2019 Dodd Playwriting Competition winner  
Dr. Superman follows an Indian family transplanted to the rural South, as they navigate the brown experience in a community being ravaged by the rise of opiates and the loss of jobs. 
Read the most recent draft of the script HERE

Lost Angeles, by Kavya Menon '20 
One of two 2019 Eleanor Frost Playwriting Competition winners.
When Aria moves to Los Angeles to pursue an internship in film production, she finds herself in the midst of a very interesting mix of personalities. Between the 11 girls she shares an apartment with, her quirky boss, and the random people she meets, there is never a dull moment.
Read the most recent draft of the script HERE

The Recording, by Monik Walters '19 
One of two 2019 Eleanor Frost Playwriting Competition winners.
An examination of the narration of death in black communities and the storytelling capabilities of black women in these contexts. The Recording is a nonlinear exploration of the concept of mothers outliving their children in a modern era of violence, and the responsibility black women have to tell those stories. 
Read the most recent draft of the script HERE

All three pieces are one-act plays. Dr. Superman will be presented as a fully-produced production, directed by Jamie Horton; rehearsals will begin June 25. Lost Angeles and The Recording will be performed as staged readings, directed by Deby Xiadani '15; rehearsals for both will begin on Sunday July 21. Participation in the staged readings will require no memorization and an overall commitment of approximately 1.5 weeks.

All three plays will be performed in the Bentley Theater during the weekend of July 26-28; Dr Superman will perform Friday July 26 and Sunday July 28 at 8 pm, while The Recording and Lost Angeles will perform Saturday July 27 at 8 pm and Sunday July 28 at 4 pm.

Students are encouraged to read the script prior to auditions! Scripts are available here for viewing:

Dr. Superman
The Recording
Lost Angeles
(Note: no printing please!)

No previous performance experience is neccesary!

CLICK HERE to sign up for an audition slot; time slots are in 7-minute increments. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled audition time, in order to fill out a form before your audition. You do not need to prepare anything in advance of your audition; you will likely be asked to read sides (selections) from one or more scripts.