Summer Theater Lab, 2020: Frost & Dodd Student Play Festival

The 2020 Frost & Dodd Student Play Festival

Saturday August 8 & Friday August 14
8 pm

Performing via distance technology

The culmination of the 93rd annual Frost Student Playwriting Competition and the 45th annual Ruth & Loring Dodd Student Playwriting Competition. 



Spaceship 99 performance link

Spaceship 99
by Naomi Lam '21
directed by Carol Dunne
Performing via YouTube
Followed by post-performance discussion via Zoom

Because of the declining habitability of the earth, humanity's last hope is to colonize another planet. However, only a select few will be taken on this journey. Spaceship 99 follows four people as they go through the selection process to earn a place in humanity's next frontier. Winner of the 2020 Ruth and Loring Dodd Playwriting Prize. 

Read about the Playwright: Naomi Lam '21
Featuring: Gabe Jenkinson '20, Samantha Locke '22, Edward Lu '21, Jelinda Metelus '22, Alisya Reza '22. Robert Alter '21, lighting/scenic designer; Samantha West '20, sound designer; Naomi Lam '21, costume designer; Kate Budney '21, stage manager.


Spaceship post-show link

Post-show discussion: Please join us immediately following the performance for a discussion with the playwright, creative team, and cast. A few notes about the discussion:

  • The Zoom meeting password is "Spaceship". 
  • Participants will be muted upon entry; please remain muted unless the discussion facilitator "calls on you".
  • Use the "chat" feature to type in your questions; the facilitator will read your question aloud to the group. Alternately, you may "raise your hand" (feature available via the "participants" pop-out window); the facilitator will "call on you" in order that you can ask your question.
  • If you are entering the Zoom discussion using a Dartmouth email address via a, you will be automatically admitted into the event. All other sign-ins will be routed to a waiting room, from where you will be admitted into the discussion.
  • The post-show discussion may be recorded.




N.I.G.G.A.: For Black Boys and the Black Folk Who've Loved Them
by Armond Epps Dorsey '20
directed by Niegel Smith '02

Little Circles 
by Savannah Miller '21
directed by Niegel Smith '02

Performing via Zoom webinar; Event password - Frost
Please email Milena Zuccotti with questions or issues regarding how to view the performance.

N.I.G.G.A.:For Black Boys and the Black Folk Who've Loved Them​ 
A verse novel play about seven Black Boys who enter a seemingly normal barbershop and learn lessons in manhood. The play centers on Black masculinity--its traditional definitions, how Black men embody or adapt aspects of traditional Black masculinity, and challenges to Black masculinity. 
Winner of the 2020 Eleanor Frost Playwriting Competition. 

Read about the Playwright: Armond Epps Dorsey '20
Featuring: Terry Bell, Joshua Echebiri '14, Bernard Gilbert, Chris Herbie Holland '11, Gabe Jenkinson '20, Londen Shannon, Jamie Lincoln Smith, Elias Williams '23. Millenah Nascimento '21, stage manager.

Little Circles 
The devoted mother, the violent outsider, the prodigal daughter, the closeted son—these are the characters brought back together by a global pandemic. Over several weeks, family ties are tested… and broken. Winner of the 2020 Eleanor Frost Playwriting Competition. 

Read about the Playwright: Savannah Miller '21
Featuring: Jacqueline Byrne '22, Katie Orenstein '22, Max Gomez '19, Skye Henderson '23. Millenah Nascimento '21, stage manager.

Read about the Frost One-Acts Director: Niegel Smith '02