Upcoming Auditions: Faith, Hope, and Charity

MainStage Production Auditions, Fall 2020:

Faith, Hope, and Charity
by Ödön von Horváth, in collaboration with Lukas Kristl
adapted by Peter Hackett
from a translation by Peter Fabri
a radio play performance

CLICK HERE to sign up for an audition!

Thursday, September 17: 6-10 pm
Friday, September 18: 6-10 pm

Remote, via Zoom; links will be emailed to participants in advance of their scheduled audition time.

A young woman struggles against cynicism and despair as she makes her way through a world wracked by dehumanizing poverty, institutional oppression, and bureaucratic indifference. Originally written during the Great Depression as a surreal and subversive commentary on the rising tide of European fascism and Nazi power, this new adaptation reframes the story amidst the American backdrop of the 1932 Bonus Army marches on Washington and the violence that ensued.

Faith, Hope, and Charity will be performed as a radio play; the production will be directed by Peter Hackett, with Jane Shaw as sound designer. The production will premiere on Dartmouth College Radio as a three-part series on October 31 and November 1-2.

Rehearsals will begin on Monday September 21, with rehearsals and recording expected to conclude by October 28; cast members can expect a time commitment of 10-15 hours per week, depending on the role. No memorization will be required.

No previous performance experience is neccesary!

CLICK HERE to sign up for an audition slot; time slots are in 10-minute increments. Auditioning students should also fill out this online form in advance of their audition. If you are not able to make any of the available time slots due to scheduling or time zone constraints, please email Milena Zuccotti to discuss the possibility of scheduling an alternate audition time.

Students are encouraged to read the play prior to auditions; the script is available HERE for viewing (note that this is a perusal copy only; absoluletly NO printing!). The audition will include reading sides (selections) from the script; sides are available HERE.


The casting breakdown calls for seven men and three women; many characters may be played by any gender identity, and some members of the cast will play multiple roles. Roles are open to actors of any race or ethnicity.  
A note about the audition sides: auditioning women will begin with the "Elizabeth #1" side, with additional sides to be read as requested by the director. Men will start with the "Young Hero" side.

Policeman (Alfred Meyers)
Chief Dissector
Assistant Dissector
A Wealthy Businessman In Mourning (Hugo)
Irene Prantl
Wife of the District Judge (Hermione)
The District Judge (Arnold)
A Veteran on Crutches
A Washer Woman
An Accountant
A Detective
The Captain of the Vice Squad
Second Policeman
Third Policeman
A Man in a Tuxedo
A Veteran in A Worn Out Uniform
The Daring Young Hero