Remote Performance Project, Fall 2020: Moments of Truth

Moments of Truth: A BUTA Showcase


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created and performed by the members of
The Black Underground Theatre and Arts Association

A Remote Performance Project
Streamed YouTube performance
Wednesday October 28 at 8 pm

In this pivotal moment of several pandemics - a health crisis, racial injustice, economic inequality, and cultural upheaval - BUTA has gathered to ​express​ our truths as Black artists through spoken word poetry, song, and visual arts and to bring attention to grassroots BLM activists.

Performing via the Dept of Theater YouTube channel


*Artwork Ekene Duruaku '22




Support the work of BLM activists

This showcase is intended to raise awareness of the need to support the work of on-the-ground Black Lives Matter activists, whose grassroots work is both critical and critically underfunded. A group of these activists recently shared their stories with Dr. Shamell Bell's AAAS 80.05: #Black Lives Matter class this fall. We hope you'll help our organization support their work.

This pandemic emphasized our community's shared experiences and common ground. With the current disparities in the public health system exacerbated by the devastation brought on by this pestilence, to the grotesque state of racial injustice and economic inequality, our call to action is all-encompassing. We all feel the pain associated with continued injustice, but we all have individual stories to tell.

We need to "speak our truth," and the truth is in the eye of the beholder. Each of us has our perspectives on the status quo, unique to our struggles and our state of mind. In expressing these truths to one another and the world, we need to communicate our frustration, hope, desire for change. We must do so within a context that allows us to engage with these issues with the knowledge that we will persevere.