Call for Collaborators: The Radical Joy Project, Winter 2021

Winter 2021 Radical Joy Performance Project:
An Invitation to Play with the Department of Theater

The Radical Joy Project: Freeing the Creative Spirit
A remote art and joy sharing project
Open to all artists, writers, dreamers, designers, performers who wish to explore the creative spirit with us

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Wednesday January 13, 7-9 pm ET
Thursday January 14, 7-9 pm ET
Friday January 15, 7-9 pm ET
Remote, via Zoom; links will be emailed to participants in advance.


Directors Rebecca Martínez (WP Theater BOLD Associate Artistic Director), Jarvis Green (Producing Artistic Director of JAG Productions) and Carol Dunne (Senior Lecturer in Theater and Producing Artistic Director Northern Stage) will co-create with students to explore how music, theater and movement can be tools for radicalizing the imagination and freeing the creative spirit within. The project will be presented in three parts, or "chapters," that confront our past, breathe into our present moment and envision a future that is inherently liberatory.  The Radical Joy Project creates an opportunity inside of the project for the students to confront and engage with themselves. Through embodiment the students are invited and guided to begin the work of freeing their creative spirit, and to become critical of the ways we consume and create stories.  

All are encouraged and invited to come chat with us about The Radical Joy Project.  No experience is necessary, just a passion for exploring performance as a tool for radicalizing imagination.  The project will be presented live in three installments March 5-7; some pieces may be pre-recorded to accommodate choral singing or other forms not supported by Zoom live performance. Students and the work they aspire to confront will be at the forefront of the project, as well as material curated by the directors from contemporary artists, especially artists of color, and material to be rethought from the classic canon.

Rehearsals are tentatively scheduled to begin the week of January 18. The time commitment will vary greatly for each student; participants could spend just a few hours total on the project or up to five hours a week, depending on the number of pieces in which they are involved. Sunday evenings are being proposed as an all group gathering time.


Absolutely no previous performance experience is neccesary!

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Time slots are in 10-minute increments.  Students will be asked to come to the chat prepared to share thoughts and dreams of participation in this collaboration.  We want to hear from you:  would you like to write? Dance? Sing? Choreograph?  We are open to all suggestions.  

Directors also strongly encourage students to send in a 1-3 minute video response to one of our three prompts:

  • How would you artistically confront our past? Are there pieces you wish to see buried?  Are there artistic gestures that need raising up?
  • How can you breathe into our present moment?  What is the feeling of NOW?  Is it raw?  Is it hopeful?  Is it frightening?  
  • How do you imagine a liberatory future?

We encourage you to allow your imagination and artistry to soar in this brief video submission to the Radical Joy Team. Videos may be submitted by email to Production Manager Brianna Parry.

If you choose not to submit a video, please come to your Zoom meet prepared to sing a cappella, or read a piece of text, or perhaps show a bit of movement to the team. Feel free to bring (or submit by video) any piece that you would like to be included in the workshop.  All proposed material is welcome.  

Students who sign up to meet with our team for an introductory chat should also complete this online info form in advance of their meeting. If you are hoping to meet with us but are unable to make any of the available time slots due to scheduling or time zone constraints, email Production Manager Brianna Parry to discuss the possibility of scheduling an alternate time.