Auditions: Flourtown, Spring 2021

Honors Thesis Remote Project, Spring 2021:
written by Matt Haughey '21

No previous performance experience is necessary!

Initial auditions to take place via video submission; submission deadline is Tuesday March 2 at 5:00 pm ET. 

Callbacks will be conducted via Zoom in the late afternoons on March 3 and 4.


Flourtown is an original pop musical that tells the story of Eli Johnson as he navigates his senior year of high school in the town where he grew up. In Flourtown, Eli comes up against the expectations of his classmates, his teachers, his parents, his girlfriend, and the town itself. As he struggles to fit into a mold he's outgrowing, he develops new relationships, learns about himself, and begins to recognize what really matters. Written and music-directed by Matt Haughey '21; additional creative team Aaron C. Thomas and Virginia Ogden '18.

This project will happen entirely over Zoom and culminate in a public reading. Actors will not be required to be off-book, wear costumes, etc. Because this is a musical, many of the scenes and songs will be recorded and put together ahead of the final showing. The show is a work in progress and actors should be prepared for small changes throughout the process.

Actors should be prepared to commit ~30 hours of rehearsal between April 12th and May 3rd (dates are approximate). This will be roughly 10 hours/week, in addition to individual learning and practice outside of rehearsal. The exact time commitment will fluctuate depending on specific casting.

The final showing will take place on Friday May 14th at 8 pm.

Students are encouraged to get a sense of the work before recording their audition! The script is still in progress, but the opening scene can be found HERE, and a sample song HERE; these should give you a good sense of the story and tone. (Note that these are for perusal only; absolutely NO printing!)

Questions about the production can be directed to creator Matt Haughey '21 and/or director Virginia Ogden '18. We are eager to speak with you!

No previous performance experience is neccesary!

Please submit a video of you singing one minute of a musical theatre song in pop style; please think Kerrigan/Lowdermilk, Pasek/Paul, Jason Robert Brown, Sara Bareilles, not Richard Rodgers or Lerner/Lowe. You can sing a cappella or use a simple backing track.

In the same video, either before or after your song, please play out loud and sing along with two of the provided recordings of warmups/scales to show the team your vocal range. Drop out whenever you've hit your limit! Don't push it, we just want to get a sense of you and your voice.

Scale recordings and instructions are available HERE. Please be sure to read the scale instructions! Videos and all other needed information can be submitted HERE via google form. The form will give you the option to upload your video directly or to share a link; links are preferred if your video is over 2 minutes. 

Information about callbacks will be posted and/or shared via email by Wednesday March 3. If you are not able to submit a video by the deadline or attend callbacks due to scheduling or time zone constraints, please email the director for an alternative audition plan.

Questions about the audition process? Email creator Matt Haughey '21 and/or director Virginia Ogden '18 anytime!


Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds and gender identites are encouraged to audition.

  • ELI: The protagonist of the show. ~17. Tenor. Should be able to comfortably hit G's and A's in chest voice. 
  • JULIA: Eli's girlfriend and Hazel's best friend. ~17. Alto / Soprano.
  • NOAH: Newest student at Flourtown high school. ~16. Tenor.
  • HAZEL: Eli's sister. Loves potatoes. ~17. Soprano.
  • FOSTER: The mayor of Flourtown and the principal of Flourtown High. Most people laugh at him behind his back. 30s. Baritone.
  • JUSTIN: Eli's best friend. Loves magic. ~17. Baritone
  • JEB JOHNSON: Eli and Hazel's dad. 40s. Bass / Baritone
  • MARTHA JOHNSON: Eli and Hazel's mom. 40s. Alto / Soprano.
  • CAMERON: Doug's best friend. Super jock. ~17. Any voice part.
  • DOUG: The bully of Flourtown High. Heir to a cheese fortune. ~17. Any voice part.
  • DOUG SR: Owns a local Dairy Farm. Powerful force in Flourtown. ~40s. Any voice part.
  • BEULAH: Also a bully at Flourtown High. Maybe meaner than Doug. ~17. Any voice part.
  • ANNA MAY: Beulah's partner in crime but way less awful. ~17. Any voice part.
  • MRS. JENKINS: A very old teacher. Very comedic. ~80s. Doesn't have to sing.
  • MR. OLSON: Also a very old teacher. ~80s. Doesn't have to sing.