Anatomical Hearts by Lila Hovey '23

A queer historical dramedy about love, purpose and medicine.

All Elijah Campbell wants is to make it through his last year at Harvard Medical School without attracting scrutiny—as a trans-masculine person in 1850, the safety of solitude is the best he can hope for. But his quiet loneliness collapses when his life collides with that of the Sharpe siblings. Lucie Sharpe thought her dreams were coming true when she was granted permission to attend lectures at Harvard Medical School, but when the opportunity is snatched away, she'll do anything to get it back. Daniel Sharpe has had his heart crushed and his confidence shattered, but a chance encounter and a rediscovery of his love of art may be enough to let him feel comfortable in his own skin.
They both need Elijah, but will letting people in provide the support and intimacy he's always craved? Or will it prove to him all over again that trust always precedes destruction?
A celebration of queer history and an investigation of the embodied self.

This performance is a playwriting honors thesis by Lila Hovey '23.

The production team is: 

Kedian Keohan, director

Lila Hovey '23, playwright & costume design

Robbie Abel '24, stage manager

Performances will be Friday, May 26 and Saturday, May 27 @ 8pm.  In Steele Hall, Room 006. 

This performance is free and unticketed.  Please join us!