Analola Santana wins Hopkins Center Arts Integration Grant

Fighting Invisibility: Feminist Performance and Denouncement in Mexico

Congratulations to Professor Analola Santana winner of a 2023-2024 Hopkins Center Arts Integration Initiative Grant!

An initiative to support arts-centric research, incubate interdisciplinary projects and advance faculty-student mentorship. 

In the third round of the initiative, launched by the Hop and the Vice Provost for Research with funding from the Office of the Provost, approximately $100,000 was awarded to six faculty-led and six student-led projects following threads from sociology, wellness, architecture, linguistics, theater, artificial intelligence and the environment.  The details of Analola's project are below.

Fighting Invisibility: Feminist Performance and Denouncement in Mexico

How can the performing arts act as integral spaces from which to make visible the violence visited upon the female body in Mexico? This project explores the links between artistic interventions and social actions in Mexico through the lens of "artivism," or using art to express political views and shape discourse. The focus is on the last 30 years when a more intense and forceful feminist movement is emerging from invisibility to actively dismantle a violent patriarchal system.