Class of 2025 Honors Thesis deadlines

Please note the following changes happening for theses in the 2024-25 academic year.

Because of the schedule for our move back into the HOP, any 2025 Thesis projects that involve staged work will be performed in Winter 2025 (rather than in Spring 2025, which would be the usual schedule). This means that the calendar for submitting proposals and taking Thesis credits (THEA 91 and THEA 92) is pushed earlier than usual.

 Here's the key info you need right now:

You can complete a Theater major very successfully without doing an Honors Thesis. But if you wish to explore the possibility of doing an Honors Thesis, all the information can be found here on the website and will be continuously updated.

What is Honors Thesis? Do I meet the criteria?

Any student who has completed at least five major Theater courses with a GPA of 3.4 or higher is eligible to propose an Honors Thesis project. If you successfully complete a thesis, you will be given a graduation designation of Honors or High Honors.  

What can I do for an Honors Thesis Project?

Honors theses can take many forms ranging from academic research papers (Caileigh Dowell's academic paper is about stage management and intimacy directing) to staged creative projects (David Katz is directing Dream Play this Spring). Regardless of the topic or format, this project should be a culmination of your work in the Department. 

What are the steps to an Honors project?

  1. Preliminary Proposal: Meet with your faculty advisor and talk about any ideas you may have, then write 2-3 pages about that idea (more info on the website).
  2. Full Proposal: Work with your Thesis advisor to develop your Preliminary Proposal to be the project that you want to work on.
  3. Register for THEA 91: Work on research and developing your project.
  4. Register for THEA 92: Make that project come to life whether onstage or in a paper.

What are the deadlines for rising seniors? The deadlines are different this year because any staged Thesis projects will have to be performed in WINTER 2025 (rather than the usual spring term). 

Deadlines for STAGED projects:

Preliminary honors proposals due Friday, April 5, 2024      

Full proposals due Friday, June 28, 2024

Register for Fall 2024: THEA 91: The Honors Thesis I – Research/Design Meetings

Register for Winter 2025: THEA 92: The Honors Thesis II – Rehearsals/Performances 

Deadlines for ACADEMIC PAPER or DESIGN projects:

Preliminary honors proposals due Friday, May 10, 2024

Full proposals due Friday, September 20, 2024

Register for Winter 2025: THEA 91: The Honors Thesis I – Research

Register for Spring 2025: THEA 92: The Honors Thesis II – Final Project

Please reach out to your faculty advisor or Catherine Jacobs!