Upcoming Auditions: Mr. Wolf, Winter 2019

Workshop Production, Winter 2019:
Mr. Wolf by Rajiv Joseph

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Friday January 11, 4:00-6:00 pm
Callbacks: Saturday January 12, 12:00-2:00 pm

Wilson 301


A haunting and provocative psychological mystery of adaptation and survival. The universe is vast, but 15-year-old Theresa seeks to understand how and why it came to be. Her only point of reference is a man named Mr. Wolf - a man who abducted her at the age of three, believed her to be a prophet, and engineered a life in which he controlled the entirety of her knowledge and experience. But with the center of that universe gone, with Teresa back with an estranged family attempting to reconnect and heal, how can she find her place in the world?

Mr. Wolf will be a workshop production, directed by Adam Riegler '20. Subject to pending licensing approval, performances will be in the Bentley Theater Friday March 1 @ 8:00 pm and Saturday March 2 @ 3:00 pm. 

Students are encouraged to read the script prior to auditions! Email Milena Zuccotti asap to receive a script for reading.

No previous performance experience is neccesary!

CLICK HERE to sign up for an audition slot; time slots are in 5-minute increments. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled audition time, in order to fill out a form before your audition.

Students are encouraged to read the script prior to auditions; email Milena Zuccotti asap to receive a script to read. At the audition you will be asked to read sides (selections) from the script; links to sides are available below.


Theresa: F, 15 
A fifteen-year-old girl who has been returned to her family after being held captive by a mysterious kidnapper since she was three years old. She knows very little of the world, outside of the astronomy lessons that her kidnapper gave her. She believes she is a prophet who has been sent to change the world. PDF iconAudition side: Theresa

Michael: M, 30s 
An adult man and Theresa’s father, who has been searching for his missing daughter for twelve years, and who doesn’t know quite what to do when she is returned to him. He became a grief counselor for parents of kidnapped children and wrote a book to help himself and others cope with their awful situation. Through this venture he meets Julie who he marries after he is divorced by Theresa’s mother, Hana. Michael is a good father who is dumbstruck when he realizes that he does not know how to help his daughter re-acclimate to society, and can’t achieve normalcy for himself. PDF iconAudition side: Michael

Julie: F, 30s
She is another parent who is struggling with the loss of a missing child and who has sought help through Michael’s grief counseling. Now married to Michael, she is on the front lines for Theresa’s return. This event puts her in a strange position as she is happy for Michael, but it is clear that she is not Theresa’s mother, and the entire situation makes her wonder what has befallen her own daughter and she begins to question whether she will ever be returned to her. PDF iconAudition side: Julie

Hana: F, 30s
She is Michael’s ex-wife and Theresa’s mother. Hana could not handle the emotional stress of her daughter’s kidnapping. She divorced Michael and moved away. Michael believes that she gave up hope that their daughter would be returned, but when Theresa really does come back, Hana says that she never wavered. She feels awkward around Julie and would like Michael and Theresa to move back in with her and restart their family. PDF iconAudition side: Hana

Mr. Wolf: M, 20s-30s
He is the mysterious astronomy professor who kidnapped Theresa when she was a child. He viewed her as a prophet and educated her as such. Although he kills himself when the police arrive to rescue Theresa in order to avoid the consequences of his actions, he still appears in Theresa’s life as a doctor, an investigator, and in her memories. PDF iconAudition side: Mr Wolf