Acting I and Other Instructor Permission Courses

Acting I is among the most popular classes that the Theater Department offers. Because of this high demand, admission to Acting I and to many of our other theater courses is determined through a process of instructor interviews.

2020-21 Academic Year

Acting I and other Courses Requiring Instructor Interviews

Because of high demand, admission to certain theater performance courses including THEA 30: Acting I is determined through a process of very informal instructor interviews. It is not possible to pre-register for these courses. Registration is possible only after a student has secured instructor permission (often referred to as "IP") to enroll; IPs are given after the interview process is complete. 

If you are interested in taking a theater course that conducts instructor interviews, we recommend that you also register for a different, additional course that you would like to take in case you are not able to secure permisson for the theater course you want. If you secure a spot in the course for which you have interviewed, you can then drop the additional course.

For the 2020-21 academic year, the department will conduct interviews for the following IP courses:

  • THEA 30: Acting I
  • THEA31: Acting II
  • THEA35: Acting for Musical Theater
  • THEA 36: Speaking Voice for the Stage
  • THEA10.71: Plays on the Stage
  • THEA 65: Summer Theater Lab 

Instructor Interview Courses

FALL 2020


  • THEA 30 Acting I (Chris Kohn at K, and James Rice at J and K) 
  • THEA 10.17 Plays OnStage (Jamie Horton at K)


2020-21 Academic Year


Some theater department courses require instructor permission for enrollment, but do NOT conduct interviews; admission for these classes may be obtained by simply emailing the professor to discuss the course and requesting permission to enroll. The following 2020-21 IP courses will not be conducting interviews:

THEA 10.08: Creativity and Collaboration, Professors Dan Kotlowitz and Melinda Evans
THEA10.32: Acting for Musical Theater II, Professor Carol Dunne
THEA 27: Movement Fundamentals II, Professor Keith Coughlin
THEA 28: Dance Composition, Professor John Heginbotham
THEA 29: Dance Theater Performance, Professors John Heginbotham and Rebecca Stenn
THEA 48: Costume Design, Professor Laurie Churba
THEA 54: Directing, Professor Peter Hackett
THEA 90: Contemporary Theater Practices, Professor Laurie Churba