Student Work in the time of COVID

Out students have been steadily producing remote performance work since March 2020, both in the classroom and via our production program; a small sampling of that work is available for viewing here. 

We will continue to create and explore the possibilities of remote performance with our students until we can get back onto our stages, and we expect that some of what we discover will stay with us long after the current crisis has faded into the past.

Fall 2020 - Student project

Tell Me I'm Not, by Savannah Miller '21

Fall 2020 - MainStage Production

Faith, Hope, and Charity: A Radio Play in three parts

Fall 2020 - Student project

Moments of Truth: A BUTA Showcase

SUMMER 2020 - THEA 65 Summer Theater Lab

Otherside by Millenah Nascimento '21

SUMMER 2020 - THEA 65 Summer Theater Lab

Virtual Friendship by Edward Lu '21

SUMMER 2020 - Frost & Dodd Festival

Spaceship 99 by Naomi Lam '21


THEA29 Dance Theater Performance

THEA 29: Dance Theater Performance
Final Performance Presentations
Originally performed Saturday, May 30 via Zoom webinar

Taught by Professors John Heginbotham and Rebecca Stenn, THEA 29: Dance Theater Performance is a course devoted to the creation of original work in a collaborative setting. In previous years, the final projects looked and felt quite specific to the time in which they were developed. This extraordinary year continues that tradition, with the content created throughout the term focused on themes inherent to a remote learning environment: isolation and connection.

As a group, the students built a series of 52 short videos. They worked with this shared, collective digital material, and each of them created an individual collage/final project. Here is their wonderful work, capped with an ensemble-created finale/epilogue. 


Brianna Seidel '21, FINAL PROJECT
Diana Niles '21, FINAL PROJECT
Samantha Goncalves '20, FINAL PROJECT
Roviel Arquiza '20, FINAL PROJECT
Annabelle Buttenwieser '22, FINAL PROJECT

SPRING 2020 - Student Production

Gallery by Nicholas Gutierrez '20

SPRING 2020 - Student Production

So Over The Moon by Sophia Therese Kinne '20

SPRING 2020 - Student Production

Vox Clamantis in Covid by Naomi Lam '21